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Nutritional value of pasta 

In fact, nutritional value of pasta is depended on the flour used in pasta. Spaghetti is produced by durum wheat which contains beta-carotene, various minerals and vitamins. It is also very nutritious and has many nutritional and health properties. It is a starch rich food. In addition, the nutritional value of pasta is changing from purchasing to serving. Pasta is a half- process production that is fantasy and requires innovation and food science.

In terms of nutrition, pasta is following properties below:

- Creating high-value energy comes mainly from carbohydrates

- The average protein

- Low fat or very low

- Easy digestibility

- Wastes less material

Pasta with sauce

Unlike other food such as bread and biscuits, which has high carbohydrates ,  pasta most of the times mixes with some meat, cheese and fish serve ; Through its biological value has a lot of  protein and essential amino acids  more than any other food.

70 g of pasta with a tomato sauce, olive oil 10% and 10 grams grated cheese, food that provides a high-protein food. Also the share of energy supply from three types of food energy (proteins, sugars and fats) including, 57 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat and 13 percent protein, which nutritionists believe it’s the best way to obtain energy.

In cases  pasta  serves with tomato sauce and some cheese it’s including, 30 to 25 percent protein and 40 percent of the daily vitamin C and pasta with meat sauce has 40% protein, 30-25% of daily iron which is our body needs.

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